Recording Session #1: THE BIG LIE

THE BIG LIE (clockwise from top left): bob archer, denis fleps, r.j. blanks and david love. photo: shanty cheryl

the first recording session took place on april 18, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. Playing on "the big lie" was david on vocals, bob on guitar, r.j. on bass, denis on drums and craig ibarra doing back-up vocals.

kid kevin behind the knobs. kevin is engineering all the songs for the reactionaries record. photo: shanty cheryl

laying down "the big lie." photo: shanty cheryl

denis played drums in rosemary's billygoat, spinning ceilings, e.coli, toys that kill and currently plays in epic debauchery.
photo: shanty cheryl

r.j. played bass in ss fun and currently plays in the couches.
photo: shanty cheryl

bob played guitar in pigsty and halfdead. photo: shanty cheryl

mr. love did vocals for dig it. photo: bob archer

craig ibarra and david love for effect. photo: bob archer

focusing on playback. photo: bob archer

r.j. did this pencil sketch in the studio while we went on a beer run.

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