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NOTE: some of the links and band information are outdated. all of the info was correct during the making of this record in 2009.


bob here.

welcome to the blog for the reactionaries 1979 record on water under the bridge records.

what is water under the bridge records you ask? it's a new san pedro based record label run by craig ibarra and myself (bob archer).
how did it start you ask? easy, craig called me up with an idea and i said, "OK" to it.

see, craig's an idea kind of guy. you might know him from such projects as s.a.d. cassettes, the punchline, the rise and the fall fanzine, rig, etc. dude's even writing a book about the forgotten history of san pedro punk. so he's a good guy to have ask you to be a part of something he's putting together.
the reactionaries circa 1979 - martin tamburovich, mike watt, george hurley and d. boon.
photo by noel tamburovich-vuoso.

craig's idea for the first release was to document a 9-song practice tape of san pedro's first punk band (the reactionaries) that was recorded in george hurley's parent's garage in 1979 (as a 7-inch) on the a-side and a b-side of 38 pedro-related musicians covering the same 9 songs. but first we had to get mike watt's permission and not only that, but we had to see if it was possible for him to remember and transcribe the lyrics because you can't really understand what martin is singing on the tape. without the lyrics this record wasn't possible. here are some exchanges between craig and watt:

Subject: the reactionaries possible 7-inch.
Sunday, November 9, 2008 9:57 AM

me and (pedro) bob archer are thinking about starting a new record label with the money we make off of the new issue (12) of the rise and the fall. we wanted to see if we could put out the 9 songs from the reactionaries tape as the first release on a 7-inch. the idea is to put the original 9 songs on side a. on side b we want to do the same 9 songs, but with various members from different bands past and present from the town doing them. what we would do is put the names of the various members (interested) in a hat and pick them and the first 4 members picked would do one of the 9 songs and so on. i plan on asking rawl and kevin if they would be interested in doing the recordings at their home studio. i wanted to see if it was ok with you if we could go ahead and do this project first. if you are cool with it there is one thing that i was worried about is the lyrics. do you have these written down or is there any chance that you remember them? let me know what you think...

xx craig


I don't think you could get all ten reactionaries songs on one side of a seven inch, craig. I'd be into it. I wrote all the music and the words to all but two - pretty lame but they were some of my first songs ever.

thank you for thinking of us. on bass, watt

this 7-inch idea quickly turned into a 12-inch. we decided that we wanted to start with 500, 12-inch vinyl records for the first pressing.
there is a website called corndogs.org that posts live and rare audio and video from various mike watt incarnations and mike watt sent them 9 songs from the reactionaries practice tape to post. that's how craig found out that the tape existed. we also found out that the song "tony gets wasted in pedro" was also part of the same reactionaries tape and was used on the minutemen the politics of time (new alliance) record and that's why it wasn't on the corndogs site. so now, 9 songs turned into 10. (big thanks to sir demon brown and his corndogs.org site for the inspiration.)

after pondering if kid kevin would be up for doing the recording and how much it would cost, craig came up with an idea. craig talked with kid kevin and rawl morales who have their own pedro based label called 45 rpm records and struck a deal with them. the deal was if they recorded the record for free that we would make it a water under the bridge / 45 rpm joint release and we would give them 100 of the first 500 records pressed. both sides were happy with the deal.

kid kevin has an 8-track analog home recording setup and recently recorded his band killer dreamer's latest record 1,000 years of servitude (razorcake/45 rpm) in his bedroom. kid came to the realization that it would be unfair for his girlfriend and roommate to deal with 38 different musicians coming in and out of his bedroom to record so he decided to take it to the basement. not long after his decision, the basement was transformed into
a two room studio complete with window and control room in less than two months, thanks to bradley williams and friends. cali mucho studio was born.

flip video footage: craig ibarra

we couldn't believe it, mike watt eventually came through with the lyrics to all 10 songs. he said he had to listen to each song a million times to remember and figure them out. big thanks to watt for coming through. we couldn't have done this record without the words.

victor gastelum mentioned to craig that he should ask joe baiza (saccharine trust) if he was up for doing the cover art. craig ran it past mike watt and watt said that he'd be honored to have baiza do it. baiza also did the minutemen buzz or howl under the influence of heat (sst records) cover art among many others. baiza agreed and he needed a title so craig came up with 1979. an easy pick since it was recorded in 1979.


Fantasy Draft!

the day (02-22-09) we drew the groups for the reactionaries recording was pretty exciting. for some, there would be the chance to play with dudes such as mike watt, chuck dukowski and george hurley. for others the chance to play with people they've never met before. both are pretty awesome opportunities. we (me, craig ibarra, vince giobbe, kid kevin and raul morales) each drew two groups from four separate plastic l.a. dodger cups and a ups coffee jug. here's the original (fantasy?) draft sheet for the groups that will be making up the record. photo & scan: craig ibarra

here is the email that craig sent out to the 37 musicians asking them if they wanted to participate:

Friday, February 6, 2009 7:48 PM

Hello folks,

If you are receiving this email than you are basically being asked if you would like to participate in a recording project that we have come up with. Here is the skinny on an idea that has been brewing: I have decided to start a record label (WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE) along with my partner Bob Archer that will put out only San Pedro bands (for now) and what better band to start out with than San Pedro’s first punk rock band the Reactionaries (1978-1979) which featured Mike Watt, D. Boon, Martin Tamburovich and George Hurley. Our idea is to put out the 10 song Reactionaries practice tape that was recorded on a boom box (most likely) at George Hurley’s (shed) house in San Pedro circa 1979. We plan on remastering these 10 songs and releasing them on a 12-inch vinyl record on SIDE ONE. Here is where you come in… we want to consolidate a bunch of musicians from past and present San Pedro punk bands and record these same 10 songs on SIDE TWO. My idea is to ask 10 different singers, 10 different guitar players, 10 different bass players and 10 different drummers if they are interested in participating in this project. Once I get everyone to agree and fill all 40 slots, I will then get four hats. One hat will be filled with 10 vocalists, the next hat will be filled with 10 guitarists, the next hat will be filled with 10 bassists, the next hat will be filled with 10 drummers and the last hat will be filled with the titles to the 10 reactionaries songs that we will record. We will pick one vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer from each hat which will make up ONE GROUP and then we will pick one Reactionaries song from a hat and that will be the song that, that ONE GROUP will record. Does that make sense? We plan on recording these songs from the 10 groups at a home recording studio here in San Pedro on various scheduled days. We thought this would be a fun project to start out with and we want you to participate. Please let us know if this sounds like something that you would be interested in so we could pencil you in…

Thank you.

Craig Ibarra

along with Bob Archer

Here are 9 of the 10 songs that we will be releasing and recording (free to download): http://www.corndogs.org/

Here are some people we have in mind to fill the slots:


1. Cindy Vodovoz-Bradley

2. Jack Brewer

3. David Love

4. Jimmy Mack

5. Alma McLay

6. Todd Congelliere

7. Craig Ibarra

8. Christian Wabschall-Moreno

9. Mike Watt

10. Sean Cole


1. Joe Baiza

2. John Blazing

3. Rick Pugliese

4. Alex Sandoval

5. Jacob Gaxiola / Kevin "Kid Kevin" Carle

6. Todd Congelliere / Sean Cole

7. Vince LaFarga

8. Adam Gaxiola

9. Bob Archer

10. Jessica Feeney


1. Chuck Dukowski

2. Erik Korte

3. Lina Sedillo-Litonjua

4. Luis "Madmax" Maldonado

5. Christian Wabschall-Moreno

6. Tony Cook

7. Casey "Chachi" Ferrara

8. Mike Watt

9. Vince Giobbe

10. Ethan White


1. George Hurley

2. Pat Speers

3. Dirk Vandenberg

4. Raul Morales

5. Denis Fleps

6. Jerry Trebotic

7. Mike "Jimmy" Felix

8. Ritch Wilder

9. Jacob Partida

10. Joey Simeoni

Please get back to us asap...


MORE USELESS INFO: Some of the people (Erik Korte, Lina Sedillo-Litonjua, Rick Pugliese and Pat Spears) from the list above could not participate. RJ replaced Erik Korte on bass because Erik now lives in Virginia and we couldn't work it out. Vinnie Vegas took Lina Sedillo's spot on bass. We were originally gonna pair-up (guitarists) Kevin "Kid Kevin" Carle and Jacob Gaxiola and also Todd Congelliere and Sean Cole to make room for more guitarists but since Rick Pugliese could not participate and Jessica Feeney could not be reached (her MySpace page was not working correctly), we decided to split them up. Pat Spears could not find time with his busy schedule and was replaced by Casey "Chachi" Ferrara. Jack Brewer also asked if he could do dueling vocals with Freda Rente which we agreed on.


we basically left it up to the various groups to get together and learn the songs. vince giobbe offered his lockout at koos (harbor building) rehearsal studio in pedro with a full backline to any of the groups for free. this was very helpful indeed.

the practice room has a nice view of the harbor, really though.
photo: craig ibarra

"brigate rosse" practice. christian wabschall-moreno (bass), casey "chachi" ferrara (drums) and john blazing (guitar). cindy vodo-bradley (not pictured). photo: craig ibarra


The truth about the Reactionaries

minutemen pr by mike watt, 1983. courtesy of joe carducci


Recording Session #10: MY HEROES

MY HEROES (clockwise from bottom left): joey simeoni, casey "chachi" ferrara, philo van duyne, craig ibarra and jessica feeney. photo: shanty cheryl

the tenth and final recording session took place on july 26, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "my heroes" was matt army doing the intro, craig and jessica doing the singing, joey playing drums, philo playing guitar and chachi playing bass. courtyard dwellers included: cheryl groff, laila reyyes, cari, rawl morales, paloma banuelos, kolen kemph, nicole scott, jacob gaxiola and kid kevin doing the engineering.

shortest song on the record. photo: shanty cheryl

joey played drums in no comply, the skanks and currently plays in sunken city. photo: shanty cheryl

chachi played drums in can of beans and currently plays bass in toys that kill and plays percussion and keyboards in the underground railroad to candyland among many others. photo: shanty cheryl

philo played guitar in mass confusion, swa, fishcamp and currently plays in the jack brewer reunion band. photo: shanty cheryl

matt did the intro: "matt's a fucking jerk!" matt currently plays guitar and sings for that's incredible. photo: shanty cheryl

craig sang in no comprende and rig among others. photo: shanty cheryl

jessica played guitar and sang in can of beans and currently plays in cavegirls, yayk and stoned at heart. also check out jessica f's solo shit. photo: shanty cheryl

shanty is in the mix. flip video footage: craig ibarra


Recording Session #9: 1979

1979 (clockwise from bottom left): jack brewer, freda rente', "kid" kevin carle, mike watt and dirk vandenberg. photo: shanty cheryl

the ninth recording session took place on july 19, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "1979" was jack and freda doing the singing, dirk playing drums, kevin playing guitar and watt playing bass. courtyard dwellers included: cheryl groff, joe grzeskowiak, vince lafarga, rawl morales and paloma banuelos. also present were craig ibarra, bob archer, vince giobbe and kid kevin and jacob gaxiola doing the engineering.

"wake up to the times." photo: shanty cheryl

dirk played drums in tragicomedy and the rub among others and currently plays in seatbelt and the pecking order. photo: shanty cheryl

mike played bass and sang in the reactionaries, minutemen, firehose and played bass in the stooges among many others and currently plays in mike watt + the secondmen and mike watt + the missingmen among others. photo: shanty cheryl

kevin played guitar in the four letter words and played drums for lipstick pickups and currently plays guitar and sings in killer dreamer and plays drums in that's incredible. photo: shanty cheryl

jacob gaxiola engineered the music. photo: shanty cheryl

freda currently sings in the jack brewer reunion band and has sang in many other bands. photo: shanty cheryl

jack currently sings in saccharine trust and the jack brewer reunion band. photo: shanty cheryl

"now it's our turn." photo: shanty cheryl

kevin settles back in for the singing. photo: shanty cheryl

"no wonder phil spector needed a gun." -jacob gaxiola
flip video footage: craig ibarra


Recording Session #8: VIDEO MADONNA

VIDEO MADONNA (left to right): vince lafarga, mike watt, rawl morales and tony cook. photo: shanty cheryl

the eighth recording session took place on (music) july 16 and (singing) july 21, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "video madonna" was watt doing the singing, rawl playing drums, vince playing guitar and back-up singing and tony playing bass. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe and kid kevin doing the engineering.

warming up wasn't hard. photo: shanty cheryl

rawl played bass and drums in tons of bands and currently plays drums in the leeches, killer dreamer, mike watt + the missingmen and lou barlow and the missingmen among others. photo: shanty cheryl

tony played bass in the jag-offs and ss fun and currently plays bass in the leeches and killer dreamer. photo: shanty cheryl

vince played guitar and sang in second to last, the skanks and frijoles negros among others. photo: shanty cheryl

vince and mike go over the singing. photo: shanty cheryl

cheryl, kevin, vince and mr. giobbe doing back-up's.
photo: shanty cheryl

one of many cheat sheets floating around calimucho.
photo: shanty cheryl

playback (day one). photo: shanty cheryl

playback (day two). photo: shanty cheryl

watt helping with the knobs. photo: shanty cheryl

other side of the window this time. flip video footage: craig ibarra


Recording Session #7:

TONY GETS WASTED IN PEDRO (clockwise from top left): adam gaxiola, jerry trebotic, sean cole, ethan white and aaron white.
photo: shanty cheryl

the seventh recording session took place on july 12, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "tony gets wasted in pedro" was sean doing the singing, jerry playing drums and back-up singing, adam playing guitar and back-up singing and ethan playing bass and back-up singing. other back-up singing included: aaron white, raul morales, kolen kemph and jacob gaxiola. courtyard dwellers included: cheryl groff (for pics), lena orlando, nicole "lil' puppet" scott, matt army, paloma banuelos, danny partida, jacob partida and tony cook. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe (briefly) and kid kevin doing the engineering.

the hottest day yet for recording. don't ask why ethan has a sweatshirt on. photo: shanty cheryl

jerry plays drums in mike watt + the secondmen among others.
photo: shanty cheryl

ethan plays bass in absorbing jr. photo: shanty cheryl

adam played guitar in chingas de mingus and mike watt's we go speedro among many others. photo: shanty cheryl

sean played guitar and sang in f.y.p and currently plays in toys that kill and that's incredible. also check out christy twins.
photo: shanty cheryl

check out these headphones! AWESOME! photo: craig ibarra

two takes for the music, two takes for the lead singing and multiple takes for the back-up singing. photo: craig ibarra

"toe-oh-knee." flip video footage: craig ibarra