Recording Session #8: VIDEO MADONNA

VIDEO MADONNA (left to right): vince lafarga, mike watt, rawl morales and tony cook. photo: shanty cheryl

the eighth recording session took place on (music) july 16 and (singing) july 21, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "video madonna" was watt doing the singing, rawl playing drums, vince playing guitar and back-up singing and tony playing bass. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe and kid kevin doing the engineering.

warming up wasn't hard. photo: shanty cheryl

rawl played bass and drums in tons of bands and currently plays drums in the leeches, killer dreamer, mike watt + the missingmen and lou barlow and the missingmen among others. photo: shanty cheryl

tony played bass in the jag-offs and ss fun and currently plays bass in the leeches and killer dreamer. photo: shanty cheryl

vince played guitar and sang in second to last, the skanks and frijoles negros among others. photo: shanty cheryl

vince and mike go over the singing. photo: shanty cheryl

cheryl, kevin, vince and mr. giobbe doing back-up's.
photo: shanty cheryl

one of many cheat sheets floating around calimucho.
photo: shanty cheryl

playback (day one). photo: shanty cheryl

playback (day two). photo: shanty cheryl

watt helping with the knobs. photo: shanty cheryl

other side of the window this time. flip video footage: craig ibarra

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