Recording Session #7:

TONY GETS WASTED IN PEDRO (clockwise from top left): adam gaxiola, jerry trebotic, sean cole, ethan white and aaron white.
photo: shanty cheryl

the seventh recording session took place on july 12, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "tony gets wasted in pedro" was sean doing the singing, jerry playing drums and back-up singing, adam playing guitar and back-up singing and ethan playing bass and back-up singing. other back-up singing included: aaron white, raul morales, kolen kemph and jacob gaxiola. courtyard dwellers included: cheryl groff (for pics), lena orlando, nicole "lil' puppet" scott, matt army, paloma banuelos, danny partida, jacob partida and tony cook. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe (briefly) and kid kevin doing the engineering.

the hottest day yet for recording. don't ask why ethan has a sweatshirt on. photo: shanty cheryl

jerry plays drums in mike watt + the secondmen among others.
photo: shanty cheryl

ethan plays bass in absorbing jr. photo: shanty cheryl

adam played guitar in chingas de mingus and mike watt's we go speedro among many others. photo: shanty cheryl

sean played guitar and sang in f.y.p and currently plays in toys that kill and that's incredible. also check out christy twins.
photo: shanty cheryl

check out these headphones! AWESOME! photo: craig ibarra

two takes for the music, two takes for the lead singing and multiple takes for the back-up singing. photo: craig ibarra

"toe-oh-knee." flip video footage: craig ibarra

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  1. #1: is aaron a back-up singer, like the supremes?
    #2: get well aaron. heard you were in the hospital.