Recording Session #6: INNUENDO

INNUENDO (left to right): joe baiza, george hurley, vince giobbe and jimmy mack. photo: bob archer

the sixth recording session took place on june 21, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "innuendo" was jimmy doing the singing, george playing drums, joe playing guitar and vince playing bass and singing back-up. courtyard dwellers included: r.j. blanks, nicole "lil' puppet" scott and matt army was in the vicinity. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe, bob archer and kid kevin doing the engineering.

george played drums in the reactionaries, hey taxi!, minutemen, firehose, the red krayola, the farmers and unknown instructors among others. photo: bob archer

vince played bass in kill nine nine and tijuana knife fight among others. photo: bob archer

joe currently plays guitar in saccharine trust, the mecolodiacs and played guitar in mike watt + the black gang and universal congress of among others. photo: bob archer

jimmy did the words and electric bagpipes for his solo project, jimmy smack. photo: bob archer

jimmy's eye view at the mic. check those lyric notes. photo: bob archer

vince taking care of back-up vocals. is it "woah" or "ooh?"
photo: bob archer

innuendo: an indirect (and usually malicious) implication.
flip video footage: craig ibarra

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