Recording Session #5: CHEAP FALSE TEETH

CHEAP FALSE TEETH (clockwise from bottom left): danny partida, todd congelliere, ritch wilder, chuck dukowski and jacob gaxiola. photo: shanty cheryl

the fifth recording session took place on june 7, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "cheap false teeth" was todd doing the singing, jacob playing guitar, chuck playing bass, ritch playing drums and dannylou singing back-up. courtyard dwellers included: chris kohler, dick (shark pants), jack spralja, shanty cheryl, scott aicher, matt army and kolen kemph of course. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe, bob archer and kid kevin doing the engineering.

chuck played bass in würm, black flag and swa among others and currently plays bass in the chuck dukowski sextet. photo: bob archer

jacob sang and played guitar in no comply, the jag-offs and ss fun and currently plays guitar and sings in killer dreamer.
photo: bob archer

ritch played drums in saccharine trust, hari-kari, slivers and mood of defiance among many others. photo: bob archer

todd sang and played guitar in f.y.p and currently plays in toys that kill, the underground railroad to candyland, bible children and stoned at heart. photo: bob archer

dannylou played percussion in frijoles negros and melting pot and currently sings and plays guitar in absorbing jr. photo: bob archer

3 takes sets the bar. halfway done, folks. flip video footage: craig ibarra

after all was said and done, chris kohler finally shut up and fell asleep. j/k. chris would like to say hi to richard bonney. "hi rich!"
photo: craig ibarra

scott aicher came by and took some photos of some pre-recording prac. he busted out this painting of chuck and jacob the next day i think, woah.

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