Recording Session #4: BRIGATE ROSSE

BRIGATE ROSSE (left to right): john blazing, cindy vodo-bradley, christian wabschall-moreno and casey "chachi" ferrara.
photo: shanty cheryl

the fourth recording session took place on may 31, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "brigate rosse" was cindy doing the singing, john playing guitar, christian playing bass and chachi playing drums. courtyard dwellers included: john's friend ana nana, raul morales was there briefly and then went to work, matt army, cheryl groff and colin of course. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe and kid kevin doing the engineering.

drilling "brigate rosse." the first session without beer. i think john was sipping on wine. mota? yes! photo: shanty cheryl

chachi played drums in can of beans and currently plays bass in toys that kill and plays percussion and keyboards in the underground railroad to candyland. photo: shanty cheryl

christian sang in bedlam, played bass in hippie temptation and skinhorse, played bass and sang in rig and played guitar in 400 blows. photo: shanty cheryl

john played guitar in salvation army and hari-kari among many others. photo: shanty cheryl

cindy sang for the wigs. photo: shanty cheryl

"brigate rosse / turn it upside down / no tomorrow / gonna burn it down." flip video footage: craig ibarra

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