GETTING EXISTENTIAL ON THE BEACH (left to right): sean cole, mike "jimmy" felix, luis "madmax" maldonado and christian wabschall-moreno. photo: shanty cheryl

the third recording session took place on may 2, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "getting existential on the beach" was christian doing the singing, sean playing guitar and singing back-up, luis playing bass and jimmy playing drums. courtyard dwellers included: vinnie vegas, frank laponovich, angela, matt army, daniel holden, susy sharp, cheryl groff and colin of course. also present were craig ibarra, vince giobbe and kid kevin doing the engineering.

kid kevin prepares to deal with shaved tape. photo: shanty cheryl

relating to "getting existential on the beach." photo: shanty cheryl

jimmy plays drums in toys that kill and the underground railroad to candyland. photo: shanty cheryl

luis played bass in saccharine trust and hari-kari. photo: shanty cheryl

sean played guitar and sang in f.y.p and currently plays in toys that kill and that's incredible. also check out christy twins.
photo: shanty cheryl

christian sang in bedlam, played bass in hippie temptation and skinhorse, played bass and sang in rig and played guitar in 400 blows. photo: shanty cheryl

frankie ha ha gives the new track the thumbs up. ha ha.
photo: craig ibarra

getting existential in the studio. flip video footage: craig ibarra

a break in the action. flip video footage: craig ibarra

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