Recording Session #2: GOD AND COUNTRY

GOD AND COUNTRY (left to right): alma mclay, jacob partida, vinnie vegas and todd congelliere. photo: shanty cheryl

the second recording session took place on april 19, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "god and country" was alma on vocals, todd on guitar and back-up vocals, vinnie on bass and jacob on drums.

getting down with "god and country." that's alma's son kyle helping with practice vocals. photo: shanty cheryl

vinnie played bass in no comprende, food chain and rig (briefly). vinnie also played second-guitar in no comprende (briefly) and elvis knievel. photo: shanty cheryl

jacob currently plays drums in absorbing jr. jacob is 12-years-old in case you were wondering. photo: shanty cheryl

todd sang and played guitar in f.y.p and currently plays in toys that kill, the underground railroad to candyland, bible children and stoned at heart. photo: shanty cheryl

alma did vocals for hari-kari. alma and todd laying down vocals. photo: bob archer

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