Recording Session #9: 1979

1979 (clockwise from bottom left): jack brewer, freda rente', "kid" kevin carle, mike watt and dirk vandenberg. photo: shanty cheryl

the ninth recording session took place on july 19, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "1979" was jack and freda doing the singing, dirk playing drums, kevin playing guitar and watt playing bass. courtyard dwellers included: cheryl groff, joe grzeskowiak, vince lafarga, rawl morales and paloma banuelos. also present were craig ibarra, bob archer, vince giobbe and kid kevin and jacob gaxiola doing the engineering.

"wake up to the times." photo: shanty cheryl

dirk played drums in tragicomedy and the rub among others and currently plays in seatbelt and the pecking order. photo: shanty cheryl

mike played bass and sang in the reactionaries, minutemen, firehose and played bass in the stooges among many others and currently plays in mike watt + the secondmen and mike watt + the missingmen among others. photo: shanty cheryl

kevin played guitar in the four letter words and played drums for lipstick pickups and currently plays guitar and sings in killer dreamer and plays drums in that's incredible. photo: shanty cheryl

jacob gaxiola engineered the music. photo: shanty cheryl

freda currently sings in the jack brewer reunion band and has sang in many other bands. photo: shanty cheryl

jack currently sings in saccharine trust and the jack brewer reunion band. photo: shanty cheryl

"now it's our turn." photo: shanty cheryl

kevin settles back in for the singing. photo: shanty cheryl

"no wonder phil spector needed a gun." -jacob gaxiola
flip video footage: craig ibarra

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