Recording Session #10: MY HEROES

MY HEROES (clockwise from bottom left): joey simeoni, casey "chachi" ferrara, philo van duyne, craig ibarra and jessica feeney. photo: shanty cheryl

the tenth and final recording session took place on july 26, 2009 at cali mucho in pedro. playing on "my heroes" was matt army doing the intro, craig and jessica doing the singing, joey playing drums, philo playing guitar and chachi playing bass. courtyard dwellers included: cheryl groff, laila reyyes, cari, rawl morales, paloma banuelos, kolen kemph, nicole scott, jacob gaxiola and kid kevin doing the engineering.

shortest song on the record. photo: shanty cheryl

joey played drums in no comply, the skanks and currently plays in sunken city. photo: shanty cheryl

chachi played drums in can of beans and currently plays bass in toys that kill and plays percussion and keyboards in the underground railroad to candyland among many others. photo: shanty cheryl

philo played guitar in mass confusion, swa, fishcamp and currently plays in the jack brewer reunion band. photo: shanty cheryl

matt did the intro: "matt's a fucking jerk!" matt currently plays guitar and sings for that's incredible. photo: shanty cheryl

craig sang in no comprende and rig among others. photo: shanty cheryl

jessica played guitar and sang in can of beans and currently plays in cavegirls, yayk and stoned at heart. also check out jessica f's solo shit. photo: shanty cheryl

shanty is in the mix. flip video footage: craig ibarra

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